Wardrobe and closet conveyors are the ideal storage solution

Introducing the famous home wardrobe conveyor! This garment conveyor is unique.

It enables you to make the most efficient use possible of the space in Mrs. and Mr.'s closet.

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Wardrobe conveyors and closet conveyors increases your storage space !

Store your entire wardrobe safely, knowing that your most prized clothes will not be creased or abused by our closet organizer. Three lengths are available to accommodate the space in your closet. Depending upon the model you choose, you can store anywhere from 165 to 285 garments on one rail. You can also increase the storage space by adding trapezes.

The Wardrobe and closet conveyor's frame is made of 100% black anodized aluminium. This makes it far lighter, while still giving it a remarkably aesthetic appearance, and without limiting its load carrying capacity. In addition, its light weight will lower your shipping expenses.

What's more, you can just plug the Wardrobe and closet conveyor's electric power plug into your 110V wall socket, exactly the same way that you plug in your electric toaster!

The assembly of the Planiform home Wardrobe and closet conveyor is mostly done at the factory. When you open the box, all you’ll need is a few hours to complete the assembly. In addition, the assembly is very simple thanks to an easy-to-follow instruction guide.

Put an end to chaos and the loss of your valuable time looking endlessly for your clothes. Get yourself a closet system worthy of a Hollywood star with the Planiform home Wardrobe and Closet conveyor!

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